Night Bobcat

Hunting Area

Bobcats are found across the state of North Carolina and in the eastern side of the state they roam the lowland wooded areas and swamps.  This area is often times flooded with fallen trees sticking out of the water, allowing for quick access to areas not accessible to larger animals but a prime location for prey species.

The Bobcat

Bobcats can be found in our lowland wooded and young pine stands in the swamps.   These areas are great locations for their favorite foods. You will want to look for a light brown to reddish brown cat about twice the size of a house cat.  Average bobcats weigh 30 lbs.

With a special hunting season set for January and February you will be just in time for their prime mating season of February/March.

Client bobcat
Bobcat Harvest

Your Hunt

Bobcat hunts are conducted in January and February each year. You will be placed in a ground blind overseeing a natural bait of beaver. Bobcats are frequent eaters and will return to the beaver carcass multiple times. To increase your odds of a successful harvest we place trail cameras near the baited area to monitor the movements of the Bobcats. Like any predator hunt, Bobcat hunts can be a waiting game, so we encourage you stay longer than 3 days to maximize your chances of a harvest.

Common Calibers

Almost any caliber can be used on a bobcat.  You can use anything from a .22 cal to a .243 cal.

News Articles

Check out the "year?" Hunting America's Little Leopard article published in the December/January issue of the NAHC Magazine.


Combination Hunts

Bobcats make a great addition to any combination hunt.  Since all hunts are over bait, it is a great place to find small prey animals which the bobcats love.  Pay close attention to your stand area in the early morning and late evening for one of these miraculous animals.

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