Hunting Area

Our Whitetail Deer hunting areas are primarily cypress swamp neighbored by agricultural fields.

The Deer

The presence of thickets surrounded swamps provides a sense of security, which allows for movement of deer all day long. With the abundance of cover many bucks will reach a mature age and rack sizes that are some of the largest in North Carolina. Our does will weigh 80-125 lbs. and bucks will weigh 90-185 lbs., with an occasional 200 pounder and vary from a spike to a 12-point with a 20-inch spread.

During the rut season these larger bucks leave the security of the swamps to search for does in the fields and clearings, resulting in an average of 20 daily sightings.

Buck cleaning himself

Your Hunt

Your can start your hunt at anytime of the day, because our deer move throughout the day we recommend packing a lunch and staying all day long. Our hunts take place over feeders and food plots to maximize your chance of a harvest. There are no antler restrictions and hunters are allowed to take any size buck with many trophy class bucks coming out of these areas each year. A buck that has bone protruding through the skin is considered a legal buck.  Button bucks count as antlerless deer and we ask that you not harvest them to protect future bucks. The quantity and number of deer in these areas surprise many hunters.

Common Calibers

The .243 is the minimum caliber.

We do not allow .223 caliber, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Choice of Hunt

North Carolina offers Archery, muzzle loader and gun hunt permits.  With so many options to choose from, just let us know what you are interesting in doing and we will find you the perfect blind for your hunt.

Combination Hunts

Whitetail deer are the perfect combination hunt.  Many deer can be seen when hunting hogs or bobcats.  Try your hand at harvesting the perfect pair.

Next Steps…

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