Hunting Area

Tundra swans winter in the coastal areas of Hyde County and utilize the large winter wheat fields for food.

The Swans

The Tundra Swan is the smallest of all the swans, characterized by their full white bodies and heads with a small yellow patch just below their eyes and an all black bill. These swans utilize North Carolina’s East Coast more than any other state on the eastern migration route. With an abundance of food sources to choose from, NC boosts an average of 70,000 swans that migrate through each year. Only 8 states hold a hunting season on Tundra Swans and NC offers only 5,000 permits a year.   If you are lucky enough to draw a tag you can look forward to an exciting hunt.

Client and swan
Tundra Swan

Your Hunt

All hunts will take place over winter wheat fields.

Common Gauge

You should use the gauge you are the most comfortable with (20, 12, or 10).

Size and Movement

Adult swans can weigh up to 24 lbs and have a wingspan of around 5.5 feet.  Due to such a massive wingspan, Tundra Swans can move at a fast speed while in flight.


Tundra Swans tend to keep their necks straight while sitting on the water unlike the other swan species.  They also have a tendency to dabble while feeding like a duck.

Next Steps…

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