Many pigs under feeder

Hunting Area

Our intermixed cypress swamps and agricultural fields are prime locations to harvest your hog.

The Hogs

North Carolina does not regulate feral (wild) hogs, however you must have a basic hunting license to hunt them. Wild Hogs are active all year long and tend to be most active in the early morning or late evening. Since NC does not regulate feral hogs, we offer hunts throughout the year. Hogs in our area average 150-200 lbs and can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Pig with Bow

Your Hunt

All hunts are conducted during daylight hours from stands over feeders near swamps.  Our hogs are conditioned to the feeders and know to feed when they go off.  Sightings of 100 or more hogs per sitting are often reported.

Only boars are harvested and we protect the nursing or pregnant sows to allow us a quality future stock of hogs and to keep our reputation for the number one spot for hog hunting.

No matter what time of year you come hunting you will find a very large number of hogs using our feeders. We are proud of our 90% or greater success rate on harvest and have a one hog per day limit.

Common Calibers

Minimum requirements are a 243 caliber.

Hunts are offered as Archery, Muzzle loader, handgun or rifle.

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Videos and Short Clips

Check out some of the videos taken by previous hunters.

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